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DIY Valentine love candles❣️❤️

Happy valentine’s Day guys !!

Let the magic of love bring a spark to everyone’s life . It’s just a special day to show little more love to your special ones.

Always think of making something for my better half , so today made some DIY valentine’s love candles. These can be easily made with your old candles lying in your house. Tranform your old candles , give a sweet scent and transform to your favourite shape.

So are you ready to make your Fav candles

Valentine love Candles

Things you need

  1. Old candles – broken into pieces
  2. Wicks
  3. Some crayons
  4. Vanilla essence or essential oil
  5. A microwave safe bowl, a spatula for mixing , heart shaped mould /any mould you have
  6. Some glitter to give a spark

Step by Step Method

  • Add wax into a microwave safe bowl And heat until the wax melts in 30sec gaps
  • Mix the wax in between using spatula
  • And heat again until it completely melts
  • Once it melts completely add crayon to die your wax and mix well , the crayon will melt with the heat of the wax .
  • Put wicks in your mould
  • Pour the wax into the mould carefully add glitter on top(optional) and let it set.
  • Once set demould carefully and enjoy candles ❣️ with loads of love
  • Use it to decorate your table or gift your loved ones . it’s super easy to make and everyone will love.

Try it you will love it