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Just 3 Ingredient Cookie OATS & NUTELLA

Hai Guys… Hope you all doing good  🙂

Have you ever Imagined in making a cookie with just 3 Ingredients ……


Recently i have been doing live baking sessions for Beginners, i was in the look out for fast and healthy recipes.

Finally got Two Recipes which are very easy to prepare, mix and Bake  🙂

Tadaa SO my first cookie is Oat Meal Choco Chip Cookie


This recipe Gluten Free , Flour free and Egg free  so what else do you need

You can have this for your break fast , Good appetizer for Pregnant Women  and Munching Healthy Snack 🙂


Second is My Nutella Cookie  dedicated to all Kids


This is also very easy  as it has just three ingredients and its done  🙂


Check My video in YT Channel

                     Oat Meal Choco Chip Cookie 


  • Quick /RolledOats-1 3/4 Cup (160gms)
  • Banana-2 (Philipiine Banana ) (If using small Banana use 4 )
  • Choco chip -1/2 cup (90gms) (you May add Raisins/ Nuts or a combination of both )


  • Preheat Oven 180deg c for 1o to 15 mins
  • Line and grease your Baking tray
  • Into a bowl Smash Banana with Fork
  • Add oats and Mix well
  • Fold in the choc chips
  • Scoop out using table spoon and place in baking tray , Press slightly
  • Keep tray inside oven
  • Bake for 15-20 minutes until the cookies are golden on top and just set to the touch.
  • Remove from the oven and allow to cool for a few minutes
  •  Transfer to  a wire rack.
  • Store in an air tight container for up to 2 days

These are healthy , Flour less, Eggless


                                        Nutella Cookie 


Here is my Nutella Cookie Video


  • Nutella- 1 cup (240gms)
  • 1 egg
  • 1 cup All Purpose Flour (nearly 150 gms)


  • Heat the oven to 180 deg c
  • Line a baking Tray with Paper
  • Add the Nutella, flour and egg to a large bowl. Mix until well combined.
  • The mixture will form a thick dough but should be moist enough to roll into balls.
  • Using your hands roll about 2 tablespoons of dough into balls.
  • Place cookies on your baking sheet and flatten them slightly with your fingertips
  • Bake for 8-10 minutes, until they are cooked around the edges and still slightly soft in the middle.
  • Let the cookies Rest on the baking tray and then Shift to wire rack

These cookies are yum and kids will love it , should definitely try this out


Try it out You will Love it   ❤



Shabs ❤

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