A simple sprout salad

Good morning!!! Who doesn’t like to boost up your day with a salad… right this salad is easy as a well as healthy . This salad is apt for people who doesn’t have time to cook.You can easily make sprouts in Home , it’s healthy, or grab a box from nearby store.

This Salad can have many variations here I have made a simple version with a simple dressing


Sprouts -1 cup

Shallots- finely chopped

Green chili –

Pumpkin seeds-as needed

Lemon juice-juice of half a lemon

Salt -as needed

pepper-as needed


Into a bowl add sprouts, pumpkin seeds ,shallots,green chili, drizzle lemon juice, salt and pepper . Mix well and serve

*variations, you may include finely chopped tomato, chopped coriander and boiled potato’s to make a balanced meal

You may add sunflower seeds /Roasted ground nuts if you don’t have pumpkin seeds*


Hope you try this simple and nutritious salad

Try it you will love it ❤


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