The light of the Sea




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When i was small vappa(Dad) The used to take us to Sanghumukham Beach (Famous beach in my home town ) the one thing i always love to see is at the end of the sea ,   small lights lit from Boats, i used to ask my parents what are those , vappa (dad) used to say they are fisherman , gone in boats to catch fish  for us , they will return the next day with fresh fish .

This was always a mystery for me and lots of questions inside

  •  how do they sail till end of the sea?
  • how do they know the way?
  • is it safe there ? No body answered my questions and was always a mystery

Once a lady came in my house to sell fish, she was talking about her husband going into the sea to catch fish …. hearing those i asked her

when the men go to get fish  from sea, don’t you all feel afraid ,

the lady said  to me  in Malayalam (our local Language):  Kadalamma ( Mother Sea ) kaatholum (Will Protect Them  ), evening when we look from our hut we see lights from the boats assuring they all are fine.

when the men , set their sail off and leave the shore , they move forward in the belief that Mother Sea is always there to protect them  , no matter how rough the Sea is .

That words were always inside me , and i believe not only The fisherman every Single Human being  living in this world Sail off the journey with the belief that they will return the home Safe and Sound….

One day We all have to sail off the world leaving all our loved ones behind , until we are  living in the world let us all  live sharing happiness , love and joy .

May god bless us all 🙂 Have a great day

via Daily Prompt: Sail

One thought on “The light of the Sea

  1. Good thought, life is indeed like boats at the end of the horizon… We see the boats later they are not seen
    Smile and move forward


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