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I feel so blessed to share this recipe IMG-20170625-WA0012

This is something my  umma makes during special occasions . i used to snatch the paalada and run  , Never valued how difficult it was until i started making it .

let me say first when u make it will not be perfect ,if it becomes perfect its good. I still remember the day i first made this, it was sticking in the bottom  and not coming our properly ….. it was definitely a big  tragedy  , then slowly i understood the technique and now it is good but not perfect, i can say u cannot compare this with my umma’s paalada, there is lot of difference 🙂  I have once shared in instagram a small clipping of umma making paalada

The main things you need to note is the ingredients , the ratio  and the consistency used for making the paalada.

Lets move on with the ingredients




We have a Ratio for this recipe 1:1:1 ie 1 cup of rice: flesh of 1 cull coconut :1egg (This ratio will be enough to make 25 paaladas , here i have taken 2:2:2 )

  • Basmati Rice / Good Quality White Rice (Pachari)- 2 cups
  • Grated Coconut-  Flesh of 2 full coconuts
  • Eggs- 2 large
  • Salt- as required
  • Ghee- as required


Each ingredient has its role , to make it perfect we need to give time for it


  1. First you need to Wash the Basmati rice with Salt , then wash it properly  2  3 times
  2. Soak the Rice in water Overnight  / at least 6 hrs
  3. Soak and Set aside

Coconut Milk – First Extract (Thala Paal)

  1.  Soak the flesh of 2 coconut in 1 cup of Hot water
  2.  Using a hand mixer or Normal Mixer , Grind For few Seconds (This is done to Extract full Milk )
  3. Stain  the coconut milk using a sieve  and keep the coconut  remains
  4. Strain properly there should not be any coconut flakes it . Keep the milk In fridge until u use it

Coconut Milk – Second Extract (Randam Paal)

  1. Now take Coconut remains and Soak again in 1 1/2 Cup of water.
  2. Use a blender blend the mixture well
  3. Now using a sieve strain the coconut Milk
  4. Keep it aside


  1. Use Fresh Eggs

Once Ingredients are ready lets move on to Making Batter


Making Batter

In to a grinder /Mixer add rice eggs and Second extract of Coconut

  1. Don’t add the 2 nd Coconut milk Fully , add slowly while grinding
  2. Mission is to make the smooth batter
  3. Once you have Grind the mixture well
  4. Transfer to a big Bowl , the batter will be thick
  5. Now you need to take the First coconut  milk and add to the batter
  6. Start mixing until you have a thin batter
  7. Add salt and Ghee in to it
  8. Now our Batter is ready

Making Paalada

  1. Heat a nonstick Pan , In medium flame
  2. Mix the Batter well with spoon
  3. batter should be thin , if you feel its thick add more coconut Milk
  4. Remove Pan from Hold Pan in left hand
  5. Pour a ladle of Batter int o the pan and instantly swirl
  6. Let it cook well , it will start leaving from pan
  7. Take the pan out and Flip the paalada into a plate
  8. After 5 seconds, fold the paalada in to a triangle and transfer to plate
  9. Paalada is ready

Please do check the video of Oh chef to know how i make it 🙂


Try it you will Love it ❤

Love ❤




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