A Picnic day in Mushrif Park with Best Buddy & Ish

IMG-20170330-WA0068Friends are a blessing and the time you spend with your loved ones are always the best

Today i am going to share with you a picnic story …..

One fine morning i woke up and whatsapp my best buddy


Ting ! Ting! (The message Beep )

Me : Good Morning! Jo

Jo: Good Morning …..

Me: What you Doing ?

Jo: Nothing Special  ….

Me: Y don’t we go to Mushrif Park , it will a good time together and Ishu will also be happy

Jo: Ok y not  ….. I will pack some stuff …. be there in half and hr

Me: Hurray ! done lets get started

If you ask me it was such a  lovely DAY  for us, i believe everyone needs to to a break from their  busy life , just to enjoy and explore

We left home around 8 : 30 am and reached park nearly 8: 45 since its nearby and there was not much crowd. Parked my car and headed toward the picnic spots, there weren’t much crowd since it was holiday time some schools have come there for picnic .

Its such a huge park and kids will really love it…. it has lots of birds, peacocks, horse , play areas, house models, small streams …. blooming flowers etc etc

You have never been just Take your kids there and enjoy the park . It always worth the time you spend there. Location is in Dubai , Between Al khawaneej and Mirdif. Very easily you can find it through GPS

Some Park momentspicnicmoment2

Its really lovely to the flowers fully bloomed and park was spotlessly clean .

we had a special guest there , a sweet , chubby and lovely cat , 🙂 and i love cats so do my little one  🙂

park moments


As always i am always busy checking my pics in camera….. 🙂


When ever i get a chance i always love to swing and i don’t bother if anyone is staring at me or making fun of me …. i love to swing and i enjoy 🙂 Always do the things you would love to do and never regret

Now lets move on to our food ……….. i know its tempting right,what to do we all finished everything in a jiffy , we were so hungry and tired after walking we just finished it allPicnin12

This was our menu , Caramelized Mushroom Sandwiches, Orange Punch and Lemon Fusion  🙂 How simple it is and we had Tea and some Biscuits


This is me clicking Pic before allowing anyone to eat …………….  🙂

If anyone needs any recipe , please feel free to ask me by commenting below , i would love to share with you guys

thats all for this time hope you guys loved my picnic story

Love ❤


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