Just Like that

Hai guys hope you all are doing well …………

I am actually a very lazy person that’s why sometimes I never write, even I though I love cooking and  clicking pictures when it come s to writing I am just a lazy potato


and sometimes my ideas become so sharp that I just rise and jump with vibrant colors like a red Indian ….

I know its not just an excuse , I have a lovely husband  who tells  me that I am not regular and be something innovative that people will come and read your article…


this year I thought I will do that , I wanted to make it special , so the story I tell , people will always remember

what you can expect …> tried and tested recipes along with that I may take you to a small e -Journey this is what I am planning for 🙂

may be I will explore , new people ,. new readers across Virtual world . My love for food always grows love-what-you-do

So until my next this is shab’s signing off and remember what ever you do cook  with your heart and soul in that’s what  that makes it specialcooikng-with-soul


shabs ❤

Disclaimer :All images used in this post are source of Google

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