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SF Basics-Soaked Basil Seeds

Hai guys , a new segment Shabs Flavours SF Basics  

Today we going learn about Basil seeds .



Basil seeds are used in number of drinks as it gives a cooling effect and it has the ability to get Puff up when u Soak them with water,This is the why it is used in many drinks

Lets learn how to use Basil seeds

Basil seeds are easy available in supermarket .

Its basically black in color , similar to Sesame seeds. These are also known as Sabjari / Black Kash kash.


There will be lot of dust particles in the seeds, you need to remove it . I recommend everyone to give a quick wash to the seeds by putting in a seiver.

Once that is done, transfer to a bowl and add water to it basil3

wait for sometime , you can see the seeds getting bubbled up .Let it rest for sometimebasuil4

Then you will See this.You can make it, store in air tight container and keep it in fridge. It will last for 1 week .Soaked Basil Seeds are ready to be mixed with juicesoaked

Try Orange Basilica a very refreshing drink you can make with Soaked Basil Seeds

Hope you all liked it .

Try it you will love it ❤

Love shabs

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