Summer Quencher/Drinks

Orange Basilica

Orange basilica, a very interesting drink made with Orange juice, basil leaves &basil seeds .
A simple drink made interesting with a twist , so what are you waiting for Try it and you will love it



                                       Orange Basilica


  1. Orange juice -juice of 3 oranges
  2. Basil leaf- few
  3. Sugar Syrup/Simple Syrup  -as required
  4. Water as required
  5. **Soaked Basil seeds/ Sabja seeds / Black kash kash – 2 Tbsp

** Check this link to learn  how to make Soaked Basil seeds **


In to a Cocktail Shaker or Closed bottle  add Orange Juice , slightly crushed Basil Leaves, Sugar syrup as required and water , Shake everything well (You can even use A blender for this process )
To serve add one ice and one basil leaf to each glass add juice &top with Soaked  basil seeds

Refreshing drink is ready to be served


Try it you will Love it  ❤




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