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Festive Special | Dates Nutty Ladoo

So how are you all …. Its been sometime since i didn’t upload anything ,i was here only but had so many things going around me for the past 2 weeks.

Since this is festive season Thought to hit back with something really special.

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When i think about festival , the first thing that come into my mind is Food and especially sweets , so i was thinking what kind of sweet i can prepare and finally as per my daughter’s request i made this ladoos, as she is an ultimate ladoo fan  .

Recipe is really easy and require only very few ingredients so lets move with the recipe


Dates Nutty Ladoo 


  1. Dates -Seed Removed and Slightly crushed -1 cup
  2. Sesame seeds which are slightly Roasted and Powdered- 1 cup *
  3. Almonds chopped- 1/4 cup *
  4. Cashews chopped -1/4 cup
  5. Honey – as required
  6. Water for wetting hands while making ladoos-1/2 cup
  7. Desiccated coconut/ sesame seeds for decorating


  1. Into a bowl add all ingredients from 1 to 5.
  2. Mix everything well using a spatula and later on use hands and mix well .
  3. Once well combined , Slightly wet your hands with water and make small balls out of it and keep it aside .
  4. Once all balls are made take one by one and garnish the ladoos by  rolling it in sesame seeds or coconut . *


**Tips& Tricks  **

  • To make sesame powder , slightly heat a pan switch off the flame and add the seeds and saute well, note that it should only get slightly hot. If its really hot it may release oil from the seeds which will bring a different flavor to the ladoos.
  • If you are not almond lover you can substitute with Pista, Raisins etc
  • While garnishing  If desiccated coconut is not available use slightly Roasted Fresh Coconut.

This festive season enjoy this very easy and healthy  Recipe .

Hope you all have liked this recipe ,Watch me in YouTube  & Don’t Forget to subscribe subscribe to my channel

Try it you will definitely love it ❤

Lots of Love




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