Summer Quencher/Drinks

Green Punch

This is a very refreshing drink gives a soothing and cooling effect.
I prepare this specially during Ramadan , as it reduces the burning effect  caused after breaking the fast.
The key ingredients are Green Grapes and Cucumber Hence the name Green punch
                                                                  Green Punch
Ingredients and Method
  1. Green grapes-one  bunch(add less if its too sour)
  2. Salad Cucumber- 2 cucumber (Peeled and Sliced
  3. Sugar -As required
  4. Ginger -A small Piece
  5. lemon juice -juice of 1 lemon

In a blender add grapes, lime juice, cucumber, ginger and sugar. Blend everything well.
Add water blend again.
Strain juice and serve immediately.(Else color may change )




Try it you will Love it ❤


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