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Chicken Nuggets

nuggetscloseChicken Nuggets , kids are a big fan of these. I make this for my daughter ,this is super easy .Homemade nuggets is more tastier, healthier and u can make it and store.

Its come in handy whenever you have guests or for school lunch Box or as an evening snack.


lets start with the pictorial below


This recipe needs Chicken breast which is cut in to small cubes , wash well and marinate it with salt, pepper, *Chili sauce, *Soy sauce , little Chili powder (sauces are optional).Marinate and keep it min for 1/2 hr.

Then u need flour, slightly beaten egg and bread crumbs*


Take each piece first  roll in flour, then in egg wash and finally in bread crumbs , shape and transfer to a plate once all pieces are coated cling wrap and place in fridge , for min 10 minutes to become firm .

Then fry them in oil  serve hot with ketchup /mayonnaise


Recipe Name :Chicken Nuggets                                               Time taken :15 min 

Recipe Author: Shabna Ahamed                                               Difficulty: Easy 


Chicken Breast -500 gms

Salt , Pepper as required

chili sauce, soy sauce – 1/2 tsp each (optional)

Chili powder -1/4 tsp

Egg 1 – Slightly beaten

Flour- for coating

Bread crumbs – Crumbs of 2 bread (White~ Brown), mixed with little oregano (Optional)

Oil for frying


Marinate The chicken  with salt ,pepper, chili powder, and sauces(Optional).Keep in fridge for min 30 minutes. The more it is kept the more flavor.

Take flour, egg and Bread crumbs , take each piece of chicken dip in flour , 2nd in egg and finally in bread crumbs , do this to all your chicken pieces. before frying it is good to keep the nuggets in fridge for about 10 minutes , this is make the pieces more firm .

Add Oil in a heavy bottom pan , flame should be in medium flame .Fry pieces of nuggets until golden brown .Serve hot with Ketchup


shabs-logo-black Try it you will love it ❤









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