Summer Quencher/Drinks

Sambaram~Moru~Spiced Buttermilk~


Sambaram is a common drink found in Kerala specially during summer time.Made with yogurt and fresh spices and curry leaves , its gives a cooling effect


If you visit small shops in Kerala you can see how it is made , Buttermilk(moru) is stored in glass bottles ,they add  tiny bits of shallots , curry leaves , ginger and green chilli , give a slight shake and pour in glasses and serve .

Here is the recipe Kerala special naadan Moru /Sambaram, i am not having step by step recipe for this one ,moving on to the recipe


Recipe Name :Sambaram/Spiced Butter Milk                                      Serves:2-4

Author: Shabna Ahamed                                                                           Prep Time:5 minutes

Buttermilk/Laban -3 cup

Shallots/small onions – 3~ 1 more at the time of serving

Curry leaves-  5 for blending and Chop some during serving time

Ginger- small piece

Green chili – a small portion  (optional )

Salt- as required


Into a blender add Laban/Buttermilk* ,curry leaves Shallots* , *green chili (optional),Ginger and Salt  .

Close the blender and Blend everything well. Add water if Required .

Strain the Mixture .Add more salt if required

At the time of Serving add  finely chopped  curry leaves ,  shallots  and Green chili .

Mix well and serve in glass

sambaram final pic

*If you don’t have buttermilk , You can make by mixing 2 cups of Curd with One cup of water .*

*If you like spice in your Moru you may add green chili while blending,  i don’t suggest this as this can causing burning effect and you wont be able to enjoy , its better to finely slice and add at the end , so you will get the flavor.*

*Shallots  increases the flavor of moru and don’t add Big onions If in case you don’t have shallots , big onions may that will spoil your drink*.

Adding finely shredded shallots , Curry leaves and tiny bits of green chili  at the time of serving increases flavor


shabs-logo-black Try it you will love it ❤



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